Take the Helm


On board the yacht everyone will take turns at the helm of Stars and Stripes, leading the team through sailing maneuvers and drills. Participants examine their individual leadership styles through self-assessment, then identify and practice specific behaviors for higher Team Performance.

All Aboard:


Sailing together as a high performance crew requires quick, effective communication skills.
Within this workshop, individual communication skills will be reviewed, areas for improvement identified, with expert evaluations and suggestions on how to implement the new skills.

The Committed Crew


Building a winning team, whether it’s an America’s Cup team, or a business team, requires leadership, motivation, communication, discipline, and coaching all towards achieving a specific goal. This workshop examines these elements of the participating team, identifies areas to improve, and provides exercises to test new strategies.

Crew Positions


It’s impossible to sail an America’s Cup yacht or run a company by yourself. Choosing the right people, training and empowering them is the key to success whether on the race course or in the corporate world. Through a series of self assessments and exercises participants learn new ways to improve their team’s performance.


Leveraging Your Strengths

Each individual has a unique set of skills and talent’s that are not always utilized for the good of the team. Find the wind… Trim the sails… For maximum speed and performance!

Charting Your Future

Striving to be the Best

A successful sailing team has a common goal – to win more races by performing well and making fewer mistakes than the competition. This workshop is customized to your current challenges. The work objectives are discussed in advance, and exercises and assessments are designed and selected to accomplish the desired goal.

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I was thrilled to see the group come together as a team to solve the situations that you threw their way! I have never sailed before and I was amazed at how you took sailing challenges and turned them into coaching opportunities that I could take advantage of. Larry Carroll, Octapharma USA