The day we spent aboard Stars and Stripes with TEAMUSA11 was a day I’ll take to the grave with me. Of all the places I’ve been, and adventures I’ve been on, this was right at the top of the list.
The team building aspect was amazing. We came in with high expectations and you exceeded them all. Thanks for giving our team the skills and motivation to tackle the challenges you threw our way. Icing on the cake: The deck party was the ideal ending to a perfect day!

Thanks again,

Leroy Young
Real Estate Investor


What an honor it was to be aboard the historic Stars and Stripes and to actually learn each aspect of sailing it. The coaching from the experts at each of the stations was excellent as we learned to communicate and work together better as a team. The experience was outstanding in every respect and I hope to get a chance to do it again soon.

Thanks to you and the Stars and Stripes crew.

Dan Brockman
AVP International Finance

Hi Annie,
I wanted to follow up with you regarding how effective the training was for my team. I was thrilled to see the group come together as a team to solve the situations that you threw their way! I have never sailed before and I was amazed at how you took sailing challenges and turned them into coaching opportunities that I could take advantage of. You did an excellent job turning each situation into an opportunity that I could drive home my Accountability and Execution themes. I truly feel that we came on board as a group of people working for the same company and left as a team that understands the importance of Accountability and Execution.
Thanks again for “THE Best Training Experience that I have been involved in!”

Larry Carroll
Octapharma USA
National Sales Manager, Immunology

Dear Annie,

I would like to thank you, the Crew of Star and Stripes, and the entire SailUSA11 family for what turned out to be one of the most memorable days I have ever had. I have traveled virtually around the world in search of the out-of-the-ordinary experience and all-around adventure.

The time I spent sailing on Stars and Stripes is certainly at the top of my list! I have seen many of the America’s Cup sailboats and races and always wondered, “What would it be like? Now I know. To sum it up in one word, awesome”.

From the very start, the crew made us feel right at home, taking the time to teach us the complexities of each position required to sail such an incredible boat. I especially liked, of course, the time at the helm, in control of ship and crew. I look forward to sailing with you again and will recommend SailUSA11, Stars and Stripes to all my friends and colleagues.

Best Regards,

James H. Manos
President and CEO
Native Pacific

Annie has been an excellent sailing instructor. She made the entire outing fun, dynamic, and informative. I came from only seeing a sailboat before to being able to act as an effective crew member and captain. The entire time was highlighted by Annie's friendly guidance and expert instruction. I look forward to attending again in the future."

Bruce Howard
Bruce K Howard/User/Europe/Montgomery Watson

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