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Take your team on the ultimate challenge, Realize the benefits back in the work place

Feel the power and exhilaration of sailing an 80 foot, multi million dollar yacht with an 11 story mast, the wind in your face, slicing through the water at speeds incomparable to other sailboats. And you are at the helm! Your Program Director and on-board instructor will be Annie Gardner. Annie has spent a lifetime sailing and racing, she was the navigator on 1995 America's Cup all women's team. (Please click on her name to see her Bio)

There is no more beautiful place to sail than San Diego, with our outstanding weather, smooth water and a huge variety of nautical, military and marine sights.

This program is designed to motivate and empower participants to stretch their minds and bodies while building camaraderie in a safe, challenging, and fun environment.

There is no better place to emulate the business world than on a high performance sailboat.  Sailboats won’t perform without everyone giving forth their best efforts at their own task, while also knowing the strategy and direction the team wants to sail.  When something goes wrong, or someone isn’t performing in his or her position, the boat gives instant feedback – it slows down.  You don’t always get that instant feedback in business.

It is the high performing leaders and teams that bring success to their companies.  Good teamwork is about relationships.  Each team member understands their role and contribution to the team and feels valued for how they help the team succeed.

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Who should sign up for this once in a lifetime experience?

  • Have a Blast – Reward Accomplishments
  • Introduce New People to Each Other
  • High Performance Teams
  • Teams That Want to Become High Performance Teams
  • Executive Management Teams
  • You and Your Clients
  • You and Your Employees
  • Non Profit Organizations  
  • Friends
  • Adventure Groups

The day we spent aboard Stars and Stripes with TEAMUSA11 was a day I’ll take to the grave with me. Of all the places I’ve been, and adventures I’ve been on, this was right at the top of the list. Leroy Young, Real Estate Investor