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We hear that San Diego has great weather. Is there any season we can’t sail?
San Diego is world famous for its moderate climate and we sail year round.

How much sailing experience do I/we need?
You don’t need any experience at all to sail with us. We have expert instructors on board to teach you what to do.

How physically demanding is this? What shape do I need to be in?
It helps to be in good physical shape but you don’t have to be strong.
Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes participate.

Is there an age minimum?
To participate in the team building program it is preferable for participants to be mature enough to understand the coaches instructions and the complexities of team building. To that end we recommend they are at least 15 years old, and are responsible young adults.

What clothing should we wear and bring?
Comfortable pants or jeans, t-shirt, polo, or long sleeve sun protector, windbreaker, and sunglasses, but no loose jewelry please. Layers are always good. Don’t forget - we’ll provide you with some team gear depending on your package. Sunscreen is also an important item to bring and wear.

What shoes should we wear?
Shoes with non-skid soles are best, running shoes work well, but please, nothing that leaves tracks.

Should we wear gloves?
Sailing gloves are recommended and we can get them for you if you don’t have the time or a sailing supply store nearby. Just give us sizes ahead of time.

Do we go out into the ocean?
We prefer to stay in the Bay where it is smooth sailing and the sightseeing is best.

Is San Diego Bay rough?
Not at all! The only waves we get are from other boats and Stars and Stripes is so long and sleek that we hardly feel them. Navy ships and cruise ships are the few exceptions.

What about seasickness? Is it common?
We’ve never had anyone get sick. People who have been seasick usually have a common theme associated with the experience: power boat in the ocean rolling in the waves, no horizon. We are always are in sight of land, and the boat doesn’t rock and roll, it glides through the water. But if you think it might be a problem, take your medicine early with breakfast, don’t drink alcohol the night before, and stay away from medications that make you drowsy.

Can we bring people who don’t want to participate in sailing the boat?
We encourage everyone to play, but if someone can’t, then there is room for a couple of people to sit in the back of the yacht. We can hire a spectator boat for larger numbers who want to come watch.

What if we have more than 20 people?
Let us know how many and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Can I bring a camera?
Yes, the kind that fits in your pocket is best. If you have a really nice expensive bulky camera it can be stored in back, and taken out during breaks, and before and after sailing.

Will it be wet?
Only if it rains, and you know how the song goes: “It never rains in California”. OK, once in awhile it does so check the weather ahead of time and bring a windbreaker. Splashing is extremely rare.

Will I need to wear a lifejacket?
Only if it you want to. We provide them for everyone, however the ride is smooth and you must stay in the cockpit which is the working area of the boat (check out the photos).

Are resfreshments available?
We provide water and soft drinks on board.

Is there a restroom on board?
Yes, but we encourage everyone to use the bathrooms on land before we leave the dock. We’ll be very busy once we start sailing.

What do we need to do to reserve and lock in a date?
To reserve a date a 50% deposit is required.

Will we get a refund due to weather conditions?
Weather in San Diego is almost always spectacular, but if we need to postpone we’ll work with you to reschedule. Some costs are fixed so a partial refund will be given if rescheduling is absolutely impossible.

Can you help us with hotel accommodations and restaurant reservations?
Of course. Fill out the contact sheet and let us know your dates.

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The time I spent sailing on Stars and Stripes is certainly at the top of my list! I have seen many of the America’s Cup sailboats and races and always wondered, “What would it be like? Now I know. To sum it up in one word, awesome”.James H. Manos, President and CEO, Native Pacific