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The sailing crew consists of one captain, and several expert instructors. We use between 6-8 coaches depending on your group size.

Lynn Hanna, Captain

Transplanted Texan, Captain Lynn Hanna is a retired IT professional who decided sailing was a better alternative to retirement. A former Marine Corps officer, Hanna worked in both Southern California and Texas before making San Diego his permanent home in 2003. Having owned two medium size cruising sailboats in San Diego and Texas, Hanna is now a licensed 100-ton captain and has worked as captain of IACC charter boats since 2004.

Steve Pattison, Captain / Co-Owner

Massachusetts native Steve Pattison, grew up in New Hampshire before graduating from the Mass. College of Pharmacy in 1977. Pattison fell in love with sailing at an early age and began lake sailing in New England before graduating to bare boat charters in the Caribbean. After moving to San Diego from Miami Beach, he began volunteering aboard two America’s Cup boats sailing in the bay. In the process he became a licensed 100-ton captain. Like his business partner, Pattison spends most days working on his full-time hobby—USA-11—and doing his best to stay on top of the endless task of owning a mighty big boat.


Mark C. Niblack, M.D., Co-Owner

Mark Charles Niblack, M.D., received his B.A. in Biology at UCLA and his M.D. from UCSD Medical School. Doctor Niblack practiced medicine in San Diego as an anesthesiologist for fourteen years before retiring. After several years of crewing regularly on two retired America's Cup racing boats, he and co-owner Steve Pattison bought Dennis Conner’s 1992 America’s Cup yacht, Stars & Stripes, USA-11. Now, most of his free time is spent sailing or fixing things.

Shala Lawrence

Shala got her first sailboat when she turned six. Born in Southern California, Shala has raced and coached on all sizes of boats, from catamarans to large ocean racers, for over 20 years. Racing and cruising on sailboats all over the planet, her list of accomplishments includes the infamous Transpac race, and a world championship title. As director for 10 years of one of the premier sailing and racing schools in the world, Shala was involved in team building programs from inception to completion. We are excited that Shala has joined TEAMUSA11 as she adds not only her expertise, but her warmth and enthusiasm for teaching and keeping it fun.

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What an honor it was to be aboard the historic Stars and Stripes and to actually learn each aspect of sailing it. The coaching from the experts at each of the stations was excellent as we learned to communicate and work together better as a team. Dan Brockman, SAIC